The following articles are authored by Dr. Chris Smith of the TTU School of Music. They are mainly for those interested in learning to play traditional Irish session music starting in a "slow session" format and building up to full tilt boggie. While these are mostly aimed at the current "traditional" Irish instruments (bouzouki, tenor banjo, and guitar) many of the methods and techniques that he mentions can be readily adapted to harp. In Northern California there are several Slow Sessions running. ANd harps are a part of some of them. Dr. Smith's material is presented here as a starting point for those interested in entering the world of the session and as a resource for those interested in how Irish/Scottish music works.

While the below articles are from the 2000-2003 time period thay are still extreamly usefull. Chris has continued writing on the subject and has a larg collection of articles on his website at Coyote Banjo


Learning by Ear

Sessions and how the work

Resources for the session musician

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